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Tropical Island

Day Cruise

Spend some time under the sun and enjoy the  amenities available. You can even hold a private karaoke party!


Sunset Cruise

Cruise into the sunset with unrestricted view. Enjoy a romantic date, special celebration or quality time with friends and family. 

Tropical Beach

Southern Island Hopping

Skip checking the ferry schedules! See St. John Island, Lazarus Island, Pulau Hantu and more on your very own chartered yacht. Gather some friends or family members and hop onboard. 


Guided Fishing


Fish at your own pace onboard your chartered yacht. With our onboard fishing guide, newbies can experience the joy of fishing too.

Blue Water

About Us

Sierra Yacht Charter specialises in creating personalised cruising experiences for our clients onboard. 

well-equipped yacht that guarantees a unique and elevated experience at an affordable price. We offer a world full of fun and a fresh way to enjoy a relaxing day.

Create new memories and enjoy complimentary amenities

onboard Sierra 1 now!

For more Information, contact us directly 

TEL: (65) 9743 5433 | Enquiry Form |

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